How Can I Make the Most of My Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) Sessions?

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3 min readJul 15, 2021

Over the years, Get Wisdom’s Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) has become extremely popular among people who are seeking enlightenment and divine healing. LHP addresses every potential source of human negativity, including spirit problems and karmic setbacks.

The average person has lived approximately 423 lifetimes, many of which are tragic. LHP identifies and heals karmic wounds to help people circumvent any challenges they may be facing. If a person is tormented by negative karma or dark spirit interference, LHP helps them seek healing and regain a sense of peace, contentment, fulfilment, purpose, and strength.

If you have an LHP session scheduled in the near future, make the most of it. Use this guide to get started.

1. Gain More Insights

We recommend exploring LHP in detail leading up to your session. LHP has many different facets, including spirit removal, karmic repair, psychic attack removal, soul retrieval, advanced divine healing, and protection. Most people, if they think about it, will realize that they, and their loved ones, need such help.

Make sure you understand each facet and find the right session for your needs. Opt for a personal clearing, ghost clearing, or animal clearing accordingly. You can also schedule an LHP session to help departed ones reach heaven.

Click here to explore LHP in detail. Once you have a good grasp on the basics, dive deeper into Creator’s insights into LPH sessions.

2. Trust the Process

If you feel apprehensive about having an LHP session, don’t worry. Hesitation, anxiety, and uncertainty are normal when facing the unfamiliar. As you learn more about LHP, you’ll feel more prepared and ready.

Ultimately, trusting the process is imperative. Make sure you give yourself ample time to understand LHP and its benefits. This will help you let go of any doubts and feel confident about your session. Consequently, you’ll gain the most from it. The session itself is easy on the client as it is conducted remotely by the divine realm safely and gently, below the client’s conscious awareness. Because it works to remove negativity, any noticeable change will be positive.

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3.Be Open to Positive Change

After months or potentially years of experiencing pain and suffering triggered by negative karma or spirit interference, people often become trapped in a cycle of negativity. With time, this cycle becomes the “new normal” for them. It’s all they know, and they become accustomed to it, so much so that positive change may feel strange, novel, and even unwanted at times.

You may feel unworthy or undeserving of the happiness and healing that comes your way. Make sure you realize your self-worth and feel open and ready to embrace and accept positive change with open arms.

Ready to get started? Explore the Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) to find a healing session that’s right for you. Get Wisdom is committed to helping people live in accordance with the divine principles for living. Browse through their resources on divine wisdom to get a step closer to healing.



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